Nasty Secret #2 / Future Nightmare

by This Heart Electric

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Recorded 2008-2009 by Ricardo Guerrero

"BEHOLD A PALE ROOSTER" video by Jose Espaillat

"the (b)lax" video by Verena Faden


released September 9, 2009



all rights reserved


This Heart Electric Miami, Florida

This Heart Electric is the former moniker of solo recording artist Ricardo Guerrero of Miami, FL. Now making music as Rick Guerre.

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9 to 5 I am alive
I'm proud to work for my beehive

ha ha ha, he he he, ho ho ho, ha

Friday night I dance
my life is full of romance

sleepy time is over for you
Track Name: the (b)lax
I lost my love
I laid her down on the ground
I spread her out like a cloud
and rained all my tears out
Track Name: Bleeding Sun
sitting in my room with the windows shut
the sun bleeds through the curtain like it just got cut
I gather everything that you ever touched
your scent is like a ghost that just won't give up
in a dream you came to me
and told me I was all you need
the world is ending as we speak
I wanna keep our love baby
just kiss me

and when you whispered your goodbye
I woke up with a bleeding heart
I crawled for miles covered in blood
for you I tear myself apart
Track Name: Ticket to Die!
I feel the breeze and it touches my skin like a lover once did
cruising on clouds watching canopies rush by like dark movie scenes
I see all my blood ghosts and my old house from when I was a kid

I'm like a tree
quiet and free
stuck in the dirt
up to my knees

and I certainly don't wanna grow up to be old as you
but I hope to know peace like you before I'm all through
and if you dream and I'm sure that you do
then you must sleep and wake up and you win but you lose

over and over

ticket to die
Track Name: DeViLiSH KiDd
dark darkness all around
nothing on the floor but a clown
darkness in the world all around
nothing in the mirror but a frown
darkness every day that I'm out in the sun
can they see my eyes I've got sunglasses on
can I see my own reflection when I pass the mirror at a church? no!

I'm a king, devilish kid
I'm a king and I'm a devilish kid
Track Name: lost boys
we're the lost boys
we're the lost voice

nothing to do
no one to see
nowhere to go
I have no need

we're the lost boys
we're the lost voice

don't want to grow up
don't want a job
don't want your tie
don't want your car

we're the lost boys
we're the lost voice
Track Name: Zyklon B Zombie (by Throbbing Gristle)
I'm just alittle jewish girl
ain't got no clothes on
and if I had a steel hammer
I'd smash your teeth in
and as I walk her to to the gas chamber
I'm out there laughing

Zyklon Zyklon Zyklon B Zombie

and if I had a little leather
I'd rub your tail off
I'm just a poor jewish girl
I've got no clothes pm
and as I walk into the room
they're all stood laughing

Zyklon Zyklon Zyklon B Zombie

and if I had a little manners
I'd beat the call-up
while the people in the chamber
they form a pyramid
and as I kiss the shiny leather
I've got no clothes on

Zyklon Zyklon Zyklon B Zombie

and then my head split open

Zyklon Zyklon Zyklon B Zombie

see all these little jewish girls
they have no clothes on
and with my mind I see you
with all your clothes on
and so I spare you from your friends
who I give Zyklon
just as they take a big warm breath
some more pure Zyklon

Zyklon Zyklon Zyklon B Zombie
Track Name: To Kill a Ram
extra rare steak
bloody milkshake
secret handshakes
shake like earthquakes

renegade serenade
foxhole masquerade
teach me to smile like the rattle-less rattlesnake

count 'til you sleep
the wolves dressed like sheep
hiding their mouths full of vampire teeth

let me dream my little dream
I just want to lay and sleep