Age of Aquarius

by This Heart Electric

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released April 20, 2013

Released for download on White Moon Recordings

All songs written and recorded by Ricardo Guerrero, drums on "Sunrise Blvd." and "Permadolscence" by Dino Felipe, backing vocals on "Sunrise Blvd." by Monica Uszerowicz, mastered by Dino Felipe, original cover photo by Lorraine Sangre

Thank you Alex Broadwell, Alex Puentes, Alex Rendon, Amen Ra Uszerowicz, Andrea Knight, Andrew McLees, Audio Junkie, Benton Galgay, bleedingpalm(dot)com, Bryan Day, Chipotle Alvarez R.I.P., Chris Dougnac, Chris Mejia, Christina Felis, Churchill’s Pub, Coco De Salazar, Cop City / Chill Pillars, Dino Felipe, Dorys Bello, Eddy Alvarez, Eduardo de Barros, Elda Guerrero, Ember Schrag, Eva Uszerowicz R.I.P., Gabe Miranda, Gabi Serra, George Guerrero, Georgie Guerrero, Giovanna Stallings Blanche, Greg Alvarez, Helen Citrin, Hernan Navarro, Hernan Mariano Navarro, Hillard Wiseheart, Jaime Salazar, Jeff Rollason, Joe Onimus, John Caignet, Jordan Pettingil, Jordy Rabinowitz, Jorge Zaldivar, Katrina Toimil, Kevin Mason, Kuby Nnamdie, Lane Hooker, Liz Tracy, Lorraine Sangre, Luisa Patroni, Manuel Gonzalez, Mario Acevedo, Mario Enrique Navarro, Martin Alonso, Matt Preira, Mike Tucci, Misael Soto, Monica McGivern, Monica Uszerowicz, Patrick Walsh, Patty Hernandez, Radio-Active Records, Rat Bastard, Rick Diaz, Ronnie Rivera, Sweat Records, Verena Faden, Vic Uszerowicz, Virginia De Las Pozas, Waylon Shane Thorton, William Tucci, and most of all, Yolanda Acevedo

This album is dedicated to Meli Cala



all rights reserved


This Heart Electric Miami, Florida

This Heart Electric is the former moniker of solo recording artist Ricardo Guerrero of Miami, FL. Now making music as Rick Guerre.

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Track Name: Let's Just Be Friends
let's just be friends
friends 'til the end
walk hand in hand
love is a funny thing
leaves me wondering
what could we have been?
should we start again?
perfect beach day up ahead
Track Name: Pink Sun
pink sun coming around again
pink sun bringing this to an end
pink sun shining in my eyes
pink sun what a great surprise
Track Name: Escape From L.A.
my little surfer girl
you know you are my world
I miss your brown skin and your blonde hair
the sand between your thighs
Los Angeles it lies
when are you coming back here?
rolling stone
please come home
all alone
getting cold
Track Name: Lighthouse Blues
I live in a lighthouse by the sea
this lighthouse gets a little lonely
I shine my light as far as the eye can see
I can't see you but you can see me
I've got the lighthouse blues
the clouds fade out the fog rolls in
windows open I can feel the wild wind
then my little seagull friend drops in
tells me there's one hell of a squall a' comin'
I've got the lighthouse blues
Track Name: No More Sunshine
really hope that I'm wrong
but I know that I'm right
just laying in the sun
staying out all night
we've sold our futures
forgot the past
no more sunshine
red caves in face
where eyes once lay
white teeth fly out of your skull
they hang you from a pole
this is the future, present, and past
no more sunshine
Track Name: Sunrise Blvd.
she is the sunlight in my world
the moon in the window shining on her curls
air conditioner nebulas unfurl
furniture planets spinning in a whirl
we stay up all night on Sunrise Blvd.
she's all I ever need
when she's alone with me
she's all these eyes can see
and all I see is she
we stay up all night on Sunrise Blvd.
Track Name: Permadolescence
permanent lessons that just won't stick
permit my essence to make you sick
holidays in the sun
let's stay on the run
bring your friends load up on guns
our days have just begun
I wanna stay numb
I wanna stay dumb
I just wanna keep my soul
parental discretion is suggested
death is a blessing when you don't give a shit
I wanna stay numb
I wanna stay dumb
I just wanna keep my soul